Bryant's Blueberries   
Welcome to Bryant's Blueberries, a pick your own blueberry farm located in Southern Indiana within 1/2 hour of downtown Louisville, KY
Derek, Dale & Diane Bryant 6900 Oak Park Rd NE,New Salisbury, IN  47161 (812) 366-3592
We are now closed for the season.  Thanks to all who came helping make this a successful season.

If you left anything at the farm, check our 2016 photo lost and found by clicking here.

Price this year is the same as last: $2.35/lb; prepicked berries are not available.

Farm Policies:
1) We prefer cash or checks, but accept plastic with a 3% upcharge.
2) We have lined, pre-weighed buckets for you to pick in. We need to write a weight on all personal picking containers before use.
3) For sanitary reasons we do not allow dogs in the blueberry patch.
4) We are always closed on Sundays.
5) We allow picking in the rain unless there is lightning in the area. (See recommendation #4 below.)

Our Recommendations:
1) Chill blueberries immediately. For each hour unrefrigerated you lose one day of its 3 week refrigerated life expectancy.
2) Do not rinse berries until ready to eat.
3) Most people start picking the bushes at the roadway. Consequently the bushes at the far end of the row are not picked at all. Go to the far end of the row and work back to the roadway.
4) You may pick in the rain or after a rain, but you should realize that wet berries are more perishable. You could flash freeze on cookie sheets if wanting to freeze them. You can spread them out and run a fan over them and then refrigerate (but remember recommendation #1).
Our blueberry varieties ripen in the following order:
Duke (sweet, non acidic, flavor improves with chilling)
BlueJay (a sweet, firm berry that cooks well)
Patriot (a full flavor berry that tastes somewhat like Darrow)
BlueRay (first picks are full flavored; as they have more time to ripen they are some of the sweetest in the patch)
BlueCrop (good all around berry)
Darrow (an extremely full flavored berry with a high amount of acidity until the end of the season; ripens very gradually; it is picked from about week 2 through the end of the season)
Brigitta (a late but sweet berry--most late berries are more acidic)
Late Blue & Coville (very tart, limited quantities)