Bryant's Blueberries   
Welcome to Bryant's Blueberries, a pick your own blueberry farm located in Southern Indiana within 1/2 hour of downtown Louisville, KY
Dale & Diane Bryant 6900 Oak Park Rd NE,New Salisbury, IN  47161 (812) 366-3592
Saturday July 19 Picking Update

We estimate that 400 lbs of Coville/LateBlue will be ready for picking on the scattered bushes in R4-11 (orange flagged plants) and L1-L6.

We estimate that Darrows in L60-64 (better) and L11-18 will yield about 400 lbs (spread out over about 1000 plants). (L62,63 & 64, L15, L14, L17-18 are the best rows.)

We estimate that BlueRay will yield about 400 lbs over a large number of rows.  Best picking will start out in R15, R19-27, L30-33, L65.

BlueCrop is available in R10-12 (non orange flagged plants).

Brigitta's best row is R46.

BlueJay's best rows are L45-54.

Patriots in L69 and far end of L26-29.

Below is the most recent email sent.

Subject:  Sat July 19 Blueberry Picking from 7:30am to 3pm

We are near the end of the season.  Consequently we will NOT be open Wed but will wait till Sat July 19 to allow for more ripening.

We will open at 7:30am and close at 3pm
We anticipate being open the following Sat (July 26) for perhaps the final picking of the season.

We will publish a row picking report & crop estimate on the website by Fri evening.

Thanks for the many who have come to make this a successful blueberry season.

Regular Information:

In the blueberry field we expect:  CLEAN HANDS, NO SMOKING and NO DOGS

Since you are picking fresh produce we expect you to wash your hands before touching fruit which you or someone else will eat.

The material underneath the blueberry bushes is NOT sand; it is flammable sawdust.  NO SMOKING in the blueberry field.  (The drip irrigation does not moisten the sawdust.)

Sorry, we do not allow dogs in the blueberry patch.  Good agricultural practices require us to try to keep animals out of the food production area for health reasons.

The price is $2.25 per lb. No pre-picked berries will be available.

We accept cash and checks, but NO debit or credit cards.      

Please park facing ribbons hung on rope. Please do NOT park within 10 feet of the driveway. People need to pull off to get around oncoming traffic.      

If you bring your own picking containers (they should have handles), please have us weigh them BEFORE picking. You may pick into our buckets, baskets and/or milk jugs.

For transporting your berries home, we provide plastic bags. Or you can bring your own large shallow containers (dish pans, roasters, Tupperware, etc.).  If you want to store your containers in our barn, please put your phone number on them.  This way we can call you if you leave without them.


Do not follow Google or Garmin directions that use the Lanesville Exit (#113); you will get lost !

From Louisville or New Albany: Take I-64 west to the Georgetown Exit
(#118). Go right (west) on SR 64 for 10 miles. Turn left on Oak Park Rd
(opposite Insight Eye Care-before New Salisbury stop light!) 1 mile on left.

From Corydon: Go north on SR 135 toward New Salisbury. Pass under train
trestle. Turn right on Spring Branch Rd (first street beyond the "New Salisbury" sign.)
Turn Right at first stop. mile on left. (If you miss Spring Branch Rd, turn right at
New Salisbury stop light onto SR 64 and right at the first street, Oak Park Rd. 1 mile
on left.)

From Palmyra: Take SR 135 south to the New Salisbury stoplight. Turn
left on SR 64; go about 1/4 mile to Oak Park Rd (the first street). Turn
right on Oak Park Rd (opposite Insight Eye Care). 1 mile on left.

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Dale & Diane Bryant
6900 Oak Park Rd NE
New Salisbury, IN  47161
812 366-3592
Our blueberry varieties ripen in the following order:
Duke (sweet, non acidic, flavor improves with chilling)
BlueJay (a sweet, firm berry that cooks well)
Patriot (a full flavor berry that tastes somewhat like Darrow)
BlueRay (first picks are full flavored; as they have more time to ripen they are some of the sweetest in the patch)
BlueCrop (good all around berry)
Darrow (an extremely full flavored berry with a high amount of acidity until the end of the season; ripens very gradually; it is picked from about week 2 through the end of the season)
Brigitta (a late but sweet berry--most late berries are more acidic)
Late Blue & Coville (very tart, limited quantities)